Well, hello there! :) My name is Hannah. I am a wife and mom living in the Pacific Northwest. In my former life I was a music teacher, but now I get to stay home with my sweet little ones. Fun fact: I was actually born in Canada, and I am still super proud to have dual citizenship. I love my roots. Contrary to popular opinion, we don't all live in houses made of ice, play hockey, and eat donuts all day long. Just some of the time ;) I was born in that tweener generation between X and Y that they can't quite label! I had an analog childhood but digital adulthood. As a result, I am more comfortable with a real phone conversation than a text, but alas, I digress.

In this space, I hope to connect with you and just be real. I'd love to imagine we are sitting down over an iced coffee or tea and chatting for hours! I am here for you if you need encouragement or help. Being a mama is no small task and we need to be there for each other, right? It's so weird and sad that "mom guilt" is even a thing these days. Life is hard enough without added guilt. We all need some encouraging friends cheering us on our journey of motherhood. Let's do it! You ARE a great mama, I just know it! And you're here. You want to grow. 

Let's learn from the wisdom of other cultures, too! I have been so inspired in my travels and experiences with rural France, Switzerland, Tuscany (on my list!) and Canada.

Lots of love! Lots of grace to you, sweet friend. You've got this.

These are a few of my favorite things.

Cue the Sound of Music song, please :) Ahem. There we go!

  • music, especially old swing music (think Benny Goodman, Frank Sinatra & Ella Fitzgerald) & classical (good Mozart, Beethoven, Debussy) 
  • all things vintage 
  • mystery novels, especially by Agatha Christie
  • British crime shows
  • being outside
  • travel
  • mountains
  • yoga
  • camping
  • the ocean
  • ice cream 
  • iced lattes
Watermelon coffee.jpg

A Sunday well spent brings a week of content.
— Ancient Proverb


  • quiet
  • peaceful
  • mild
  • serene
  • soothing
  • slow
  • smooth

This kind of atmosphere is what I long for in my home! In our frenzied world full of bad news, stress, comparisons, and trouble, Sunday afternoon mamas can create an oasis--a safe haven that encompasses all of the above. What if our homes were full of peace, not chaos? Love, not anger or frustration? A slower pace, not a rushed, over-committed schedule? I am breathing deeply and relaxing already. Yes. Yes. A whole lot of YES to this.  


  • amusement
  • cheer
  • comfort
  • delight
  • gladness
  • refreshment
  • wonder 

Joy does not mean that you never experience hurt, pain, sorrow or disappointment in this life. But how can we pursue a deep, lasting joy? How can we help create a joyful atmosphere in our homes? I'd love to grow with you and explore ways to do this!