More on Saturday Adventures

Richard Louv, author of the incredible book Last Child in the Woods, said: “The woods were my Ritalin. Nature calmed me, focused me, and yet excited my senses.”  I love how being outside refreshes my mood and adjusts my perspective. This past weekend I spent time at the coast. Watching the sunrise and the waves allowed me to tune into God’s gentle whispers to my heart.

Being outdoors can do wonders for us and our children. I know for me, it’s one of the best ways I can connect with God and truly appreciate all that He’s made for us! Nature calms, invigorates, awakens, and inspires. We live so much of our lives indoors, in front of screens, or distracted with all the work/errands/tasks we “have” to accomplish that we sometimes miss the beauty waiting right outside our door.

The concept of Saturday Adventures is simple: take an hour or two on Saturday to go and do something fun with your family. The adventure can be free and simple - “adventure” doesn’t have to mean paying tons of money to do something wild and crazy like skydiving :) (Okay, well that’s ‘wild and crazy’ to me! ha)

Here are some practical ideas for you… (assuming you jump on board with the concept of Saturday weekend adventures!!) Some are inspired by the articles linked in the show notes, others are from our own family.

Ideas for Saturday Adventures


-visit a neighbor

-play outside in a local park

-go for a walk

-go for a hike

-go on a bike ride

-create a simple scavenger hunt

-go to the beach or coast if you’re near one!!!

-explore a forest

-have a picnic

-go camping!

-go birdwatching


-volunteer in your community


-play a board game

-make popcorn and watch a family-friendly movie

-bake cookies

-visit your library

-visit a museum

-visit a zoo

-build a fort

-read aloud

-play hide and go seek

Let me know if you try some of these ideas and how it goes! Use the hashtag: #samsaturdayadventure or tage me @sundayafternoonmama! I can’t wait to see what adventures you create with your family!

When you need to regroup.

Imagine a moment this week where you feel like you "failed" in some aspect of parenting or life.

Now ask yourself a few questions. First, what went wrong? How could you make a different choice next time? What did you learn from the experience?

Okay. Now, think of 3 good things you did today. Got 'em? (Some days I realize this may be easier/harder than others!) Chances are there are way more than 3, but you got yourself focused on the ONE negative thing and maybe stewed about it all day. What are your 3 positives? Say to yourself, "alright, I did do x, y, z and I am always learning and growing! I love my family and want to be the best mama I can be for them." Take a deep breath. Look at yourself in the mirror and smile. Did you know it's common in yoga classes to smile for a moment? It helps you relax and let go of tension, even if you don't "feel" happy at first. Trust me, smiling will boost your mood. Smiling tells your body and your mind that you are going to be okay!

We are constantly learning, evaluating, reflecting, and growing. Let yourself go through this process without guilt and shame. Be kind and gentle to yourself, just like you would be if you were giving a close friend some advice about how to handle a feeling of failure. Work through your weaknesses and celebrate your strengths.

Any time you need a pick-me-up, do this exercise! 

Saturday Adventures

Let's face it. 

We all need to get out of our houses now and then. If we're not careful, weeks can slip by and we don't seize the weekends and use them for family fun. Our family has chosen to do what we call "Saturday Adventures." It's tempting for me to want to do a zillion house projects or make lists that superman couldn't even complete in a weekend. Sooo yeah. It's good for me to go AWAY from my home on weekends :) The Saturday adventure combats my tendency to work too hard and never play!

Even a simple drive can do wonders for your family! Hop in your car, take some snacks or even a light meal to have a picnic lunch somewhere. Keep a big thick blanket in your car and some old towels & baby wipes for wiping down dirty hands or feet when you're done adventuring. Sing old-fashioned songs (like Old MacDonald, etc) play car games, and don't be on your phones - you or your kids! That's the rule :)

Drive to a park, the ocean, the mountains, a field, a cool waterfall, a woodland trail, a lake, a pond, the zoo, an aquarium...whatever you fancy! And just BE together. (Let's go ahead and say it's wise to leave your phones in the car or at home, unless you promise to only take a few pics to remember your day together!) 

Here are some more ideas: play catch, learn a new sport (tennis, skiing, badminton, croquet), go for a walk, ride bikes, have a picnic lunch/dinner, sit and stargaze, go camping, go fishing, skip rocks on the lake, build a fort, climb a tree, run barefoot in the sand/grass... just think back to your own childhood. Chances are your most vivid, favorite memories involved doing something OUTSIDE. 

Resist the temptation to let children be on devices all day long. Resist! Countless studies have shown us over and over again that children thrive outside and being bored is actually a GOOD thing - it helps us all be more creative! Our minds need a break and a rest from all the stimulation that screens bring us.

So plan your next Saturday Adventure and let me know what you did! Use the hashtag "#saturdayadventure." 


"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover."  Mark Twain