Episode 34: The Art of Homemaking: Come Together

In this episode, we’ll hear the story of how one family solved the problem of feeling disconnected by intentionally coming together around the dinner table, learn why it might be fun to broaden your meal ideas (think global!), and you’ll hear how a simple adjustment in how we do Friday nights saved a ton of time and eliminated the *ahem* bickering!

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Episode 32: The Art of Homemaking: Joy in the Afternoon

In this episode, we’ll reflect on what it takes to have joy in the afternoon, examine the challenge of overscheduling our kids, and you’ll hear why a dance party or a whiff of peppermint might be just what you need to beat that pesky mid-afternoon slump.

Episode 31: The Art of Homemaking: Morning Delights

In this episode, we’ll make a case for watching the sunrise, consider tweaking our morning routines to encourage more peace, and you’ll hear why I feel transported back to Switzerland when I use a particular item each day (spoiler alert: it’s soft and cozy).

At Home with Madame Chic by Jennifer L. Scott

The Lazy Genius podcast with Kendra Adachi


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Episode 30: The Art of Homemaking: Summertime Prep

In this episode, we’ll discover a new way to look at the approaching summertime, find out why we should shake off a certain attitude, and we’ll celebrate the spring color blossoming around us!

18 Summers commercial

At Home with Madame Chic by Jennifer L. Scott

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Eleanor Roosevelt, full quote: “This has been one of my bad habits all my life, even where my children were concerned. Instead of enjoying them, most of the time I was disciplining them or worrying about their health or trying to give them pleasures that their father’s illness prevented them from enjoying with him. I was never really carefree. It is a pity that we can not have the experience that comes with age in our younger days, when we really need it. We certainly would enjoy life more and I am sure that somehow the responsibilities would all be taken care of quite as well."


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Episode 28: The Value of Homemaking

In this episode, we’ll discuss the value of our jobs as homemakers, gain a new appreciation for dirt, and learn why we should have an onion on hand in case of unexpected company.

At Home with Madame Chic by Jennifer L. Scott


If you have a sweet story to share about homemaking (maybe from your grandma or your mama, etc) please email me at: hannah@sundayafternoonmama.com. I’d love to feature your story in this series on homemaking!

Episode 26: Tap Into the Power of Music

In this episode, we’ll take a little walk down memory lane to the 1980s (yes, my childhood!), hear why and find out why seeing an Elvis impersonator recently got me thinking about music’s influence throughout the decades on society and culture.

*Correction: Nickel Creek's song is called "The Lighthouse's Tale."


Elevation worship: Here as in Heaven (with Resurrectiing)

Hillsong: What a Beautiful Name

Nickel Creek: The Lighthouse's Tale

Brad Paisley: Then 

Rend Collective: Joy of the Lord

"Sing" movie soundtrack

Yo-Yo Ma


How Does Music Affect Your Mood?

How Music Can Influence (and Change) Your Mood Positively and Negatively


Bluetooth speaker options


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