Episode 30: The Art of Homemaking: Summertime Prep

In this episode, we’ll discover a new way to look at the approaching summertime, find out why we should shake off a certain attitude, and we’ll celebrate the spring color blossoming around us!

18 Summers commercial

At Home with Madame Chic by Jennifer L. Scott

Gretchen Rubin quote

Navigator's Council Journal (on sale now!)


Eleanor Roosevelt, full quote: “This has been one of my bad habits all my life, even where my children were concerned. Instead of enjoying them, most of the time I was disciplining them or worrying about their health or trying to give them pleasures that their father’s illness prevented them from enjoying with him. I was never really carefree. It is a pity that we can not have the experience that comes with age in our younger days, when we really need it. We certainly would enjoy life more and I am sure that somehow the responsibilities would all be taken care of quite as well."


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