Episode 74: Savoring & Enjoying Family Mealtime

In this episode, we’ll explore the surprisingly powerful benefits of family dinnertime, figure out how to create a pleasant environment, and I’ll share how a kitchen device is bringing us great joy these days!

Episode 72: White Space in the Weekend

In this episode, we’ll consider spring cleaning our calendars, find out why protein could be the boost you need, and hear how a $25 purchase created hours of fun for our kids.

Episode 67: Breathe In, Breathe Out

In this episode, we’ll learn about stress and its effect on our sleep and breathing, why the numbers 4, 7, and 8 may become your new favorites, and you’ll hear what recently made me laugh so hard I was crying. For real!

Episode 65: Heart Health

In this episode, we’ll explore the powerful connections between our physical heart and spiritual heart, find out ways to keep your heart healthy and you’ll hear why I love my son’s rain boots so much.

Episode 61: Clean Slate

In this episode, we’ll celebrate new beginnings, learn what it means to build on a foundation when it comes to setting goals, and you’ll hear about my recent mom-win at the grocery store!