Sunday Drives

Call me an old soul, but I am loving taking a leisurely Sunday Drive these days!

If you're wondering what inspired this practice, I'm happy to share with you :)

So first of all, I think the hustling and bustling can add unnecessary stress and strain on us, making it difficult to truly enjoy our weekends. How can we combat this hustle? How can we live purposefully?

Well, let's explore some ideas together!

In my experiences in rural Germany and France, I have noticed a powerful cultural difference: in small towns, most shops are closed on Sundays. I mean, CLOSED! It was kind of incredible. The Sundays seemed to spent relaxing with friends and family and doing simple things like enjoying a great (and loooong!) meal together or taking a stroll through town by the river. As I observed and experienced this slightly shocking phenomenon, I began to wonder. Could I implement something like this when I went home? How could we savor our weekends more? 

I know, for me, unless I am intentional and purposeful, my Sundays will roll on by just the same as any other weekday. I have to be intentional about saying no to the hustle. No to things like extra shopping trips, activities, events, and busyness that can so easily overtake me and swallow up my day! So, after we go to church on Sunday mornings, we have been striving to drive straight home (nap time is essential for our little boy!), have a yummy lunch together, and just BE together all afternoon.

It's important to note here that I am one who loves tasks/lists/organizing and checking off boxes, but I have found that I need to make myself to put those things away on Sunday! How? Looking around the house and NOT cleaning or doing any extra unnecessary (non-time-sensitive) task. Napping, reading, and relaxing when my kids nap. I am super-recharged and renewed when I stop and put my feet up, just sit on the couch maybe even enjoy a cup of coffee with my husband.

As I reflect back over my life thus far, I can confidently say that I have experienced the negative toll that constant motion and busyness (especially on Sundays) can take on your life - your health, energy, joy, and peace. God knew we needed a break each week! He even rested after Creation (how much more do I need to?!!). We have been given this precious gift called the weekend and it comes literally every week!

Let's take advantage of this opportunity to slow down and relax with our families to restore our energy and inject a fresh burst of joy and thankfulness into our spirits!

One way we enjoy Sundays is to take an old-fashioned Sunday Drive. Just us. We hop in the car and just drive. It can be a destination near or far. This experience does not have to be complicated! The only rule is that we cannot be on screens (with the exception of taking a fun picture or video to remember the experience).

Try it! Let me know if you like it :) And even if you don't integrate this particular practice into your weekly rhythms, I would encourage you to slow down at least ONE day per week. Slip into your comfiest clothes, and hang out at home. Your family will thrive and grow because of it, I promise!

Comment below with ways you slow down on Sundays! Also let me know if you try a Sunday Drive and how you like it!